How To Make Your Flowers Last Longer Using OceanSolution!




Cut flowers: The OceanSolution Way

Step 1: We suggest taking a gallon container and mixing about 1.5 ounces with 1 gallon of water (purified for best results).

Step 2: When you get your cut flowers be sure to cut them with a paring knife, DO NOT USE SCISSORS , and be sure to cut your flowers at an angle. Scissors will pinch the tips of your flowers and restrict water intake through the stem. Certain flowers, such as roses, need to be cut while under water in order to get the best result.

Step 3: Once your flowers are all cut and ready to go put them in the vase with your premixed OceanSolution. At this point we would suggest grooming your flowers as you arrange them. For roses, be sure to pluck the outer protective petals so that the roses have a better chance at blooming nicely. Also take this opportunity to prune any broken leaves and stems.

Step 4: Remember to check on your flowers through out the day, especially the first day, to make sure that the water level is still covering all of the cut stems. You will be surprised how quickly they drink up the OceanSolution mixture. If for some reason you miss the level and they have drained the vase of OceanSolution, all is not lost. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and your flowers will be just fine!



Getting Your Spring Garden Ready!

Spring is almost here and gardeners are preparing for the first bloom! Preparing your garden for early spring might be challenging depending on where you are. Don’t worry you can follow these steps after the last frost or whenever you are ready!

First, WEEDS!
Your garden may be over run by weeds from the winter months and needs to be tended to! You can get it all done in one day or you can try weeding one day at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Second, Get your SOIL ready!
Depleted soil can affect your plants growth, health, strength and nutrition. Begin by picking out any debris on the surface of your garden bed, then start tilling up the soil about 12 inches down. Add OceanSolution Home & Garden 3-0-3 to your soil and till again to mix it in! The 3-0-3 will release trapped nutrients and stimulate microbial activity for healthier, restored soil! Soil is ready for gardening once it is free of ice crystals and crumbles easily. You should never use wet soil, it can hinder the plants and cause root rot.

Plant your daffodils, lilies, crocus, hyacinth and any other bulbs that you’ve brought inside! Early spring is the BEST time to set out bulbs.

Fourth, CLEAN UP your old plants!
Prune all your plants that have survived winter for better growth and a more uniform look.

Figure out what you want to plant this year for spring, then plant companion plants to ward off pest and disease. Avoid planting vegetables in big patches or long rows, instead inter-plant with flowers and herbs. Large patches of one type of vegetable serve as a beacon to problematic pests. If you mix in some herbs and flowers, it becomes more difficult for pests to find your veggies. The scent of flowers and herbs, as well as the change up in color, is thought to confuse pests. Certain flowers and herbs attract beneficial insects to your garden as well. Here is a great chart for companion planting!

Sixth, MULCH IT!
Using mulch in your garden helps in more than one way. It helps maintain the temperature, it conserves water and helps drastically reduce weeds.You can also use straw, leaves, sawdust, compost or grass clippings, as well as the traditional wood mulch.

Seventh, KEEP UP!
Now is when you can relax and enjoy your garden! You can check on your garden everyday and tend to your plants, pull weeds, gather harvests and check for pests. Be sure to water and use OceanSolution 3-0-3 in the morning, twice a week! (we have great gadgets for easy feeding while watering at


Tips for planting your Fall garden!



Summer is ending and Fall is just around the corner! This doesn’t mean gardening is over, just shifting! You can still grow a beautiful, organic, produce packed garden in Fall with these great tips!

  1. Always plant for your specific zone! Don’t waste time and money in your garden not knowing what, when or how to plant in your area! Here is a great zone map to help you plan your fall gardens better! Planting Zone Map
  2. Your summer garden has probably drained most of the nutrients from your soil but don’t worry you can restore them for your Fall garden! Adding rich organic minerals to your soil before planting can speed up growth, increase size as well as add more flavor and nutrition to your produce. We suggest conditioning your soil before planting with our OceanSolution 303 to stimulate crucial microbes and release trapped nutrients! OceanSolution 303
  3. Use organic mulch or lawn clippings to keep plants warm on cooler nights!
  4. Pure, clean water is essential for a successful garden. Even if you are using all organic products your home grown produce can be contaminated by your water! Always use filtered or R.O water when watering your garden to eliminate heavy metals and toxins. Check out our Hose End Filter that removes 90% of chlorine and 98% heavy metals for up to 40,000 gallons! Hose End Filter
  5. Pest an disease management is probably one of the hardest parts of gardening. OceanSolution allows your plant to naturally ward off pest and disease by itself because it is at optimal health! You can also use neem oil for mites, saw dust for caterpillars and plant marigolds to attract wasps that help ward off other invading pests.
  6.  Companion planting! Grow plants together to boost flavor, nutrition, growth and even deter pests! An example of companion planting is growing oregano with pumpkin to provide pest protection or plant garlic near beets to improve growth and flavor!
  7. Enjoy fresh organic produce all year round!  You can dry your herbs and can your vegetables for winter from your Fall garden!

Happy Gardening from OceanGrown, Inc.




Fertilizer Pollution.

fertilizerpollutionTraditional fertilizers today are comprised of three primary nutrients in excess amounts: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Both Nitrogen and Phosphorus are harmful pollutants in high amounts, whether they are organic or not.  During rainfalls, these primary nutrients are washed into our waterways and are known as runoffs. These runoffs cause algae to grow rapidly, especially in high temperatures, known as an algae blooms. This algae becomes thick and dense, preventing sunlight from reaching underwater plants. These plants cannot photosynthesize and produce the oxygen that is vital to marine life and fragile ecosystems. Harmful toxins and bacteria begin to contaminate the water and as a result fish, aquatic mammals, and birds can all die. Humans who come in contact with the water or eat contaminated fish are also at risk.

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Fertilizer pollution is the most distressing of its kind. It is extremely difficult to combat and to accurately locate the source of the pollution. Everyone uses fertilizers today; private homes, agricultural industries, private businesses, and golf courses, the list goes on and on. The most crucial thing we can do as a society is switch to a sustainable alternative and help save our environment!

OceanGrown, Inc. wants to raise awareness about fertilizer pollution and provide a sustainable solution! All of our products are 100% Eco-friendly and contain all 90 naturally occurring minerals on earth! Make the switch today and become part of the OceanSolution!


Stress Relief Mineral Max

The OceanGrown Team is extremely excited to announce its involvement with Russ Bellar and his X Factor Whitetails!

After 16 years, Russ Bellar has become the most prominent Whitetail Deer operations owner in North America. He has a 1,500 acre property in north central Indiana and takes special pride in his high-quality whitetail deer. On his property, they specialize in using some of the world’s best deer genetics to breed the very best whitetails.

Recently we have been working closely with Russ to create a special feed infused with OceanSolution Pure called “Stress Relief Mineral Max”. This product fortifies feed for animals during all phases and seasons. It contains all 90 naturally occurring elements, giving your animals important minerals they need and crave but do not normally get. Stress Relief Mineral Max is OMRI listed for organic use and has no fillers or harsh toxins.

Since integrating “Stress Relief Mineral Max” into the Whitetails daily feeding routine, Russ has seen major improvements! If you are interested in learning more about “Stress Relief Mineral Max” please feel free to contact us at (504) 430-9026.


 Fellow Deer Farmer,

My name is Russ Bellar and I have been breeding whitetail deer for 16 years. During that time I have learned to grow some of the largest racked deer in the world including “X-Factor” that broke the world record.

 I’m writing you to share the results I’ve been getting by using a mineral supplement called Stress Relief Mineral-Max. We all understand the importance of minerals but this particular product is the first real advancement in years and has proven to be my “x-factor” supplement in growing exceptionally healthy and big-racked deer. This is the reason I’m confident in endorsing it and helping spread the word in our industry.

A group of scientists with a company called OceanGrown Inc., located in Florida, have developed the first complete mineral supplement that supplies all 90 minerals needed to maximize cervid health. While other products are full of fillers and synthetic ingredients, Stress Relief Mineral-Max is 100% mineral so you get what you pay for.

My results with using this product:

  • Increased calmness; deer will now approach humans in their pens without fear or anxiety.
  • Reduction of weight-loss during antler growth: “X-Factor” lost 10 lbs. this year versus last year’s 100 lbs.
  • Increased antler growth
  • Improved semen quality
  • Increased fertility and multiple births
  • Reduced mortality

         I encourage you to reach out and contact the company founder John Hartman at (504) 430-9026 ( He would be pleased to further explain Stress Relief Mineral-Max and help get you started. You can also contact me directly at (765) 776-1596 for more information.

I wish you all the best,

Russ Bellar


Getting Started with Sprouting!

By Rachel Daglia


Sprouting has quickly become popular due to their superfood abilities and hassle free growing. The benefits are almost endless with the abundance of varieties available. It is also easy, cheap and only takes a short period of time before you’re munching on your home grown sprouts! OceanSolution is the perfect additive to sprouting.  By soaking them in our OceanSolution 203 product you can add 90 minerals into the sprouts. Before we get into the actual sprouting part, let’s talk about what it actually is and all the benefits that come along with eating them.

Sprouting is the germinating of a seed. Seeds are filled with nutrients, some good and some bad. When soaked in water for the right amount of time, the seed begins to open up and the anti-nutrients diminish, giving you the start of a tiny plant. Instead of all the nutrients going to the roots, they are packed into the tiny sprouts. The nutritional values then increase. They are also easier to digest and your body is able to absorb all the needed nutrients more effectively. Depending on which seeds you have chosen to sprout, the flavor and nutritional benefits will vary.

The most common seeds to sprout are grains, nuts, wheat and beans. They all have less starch meaning higher levels of protein, vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibers. Eating sprouts can help strengthen your immune system, keeps your body rich in oxygen and alkaline, so viruses and cancers cannot live, and gives your body all the essential vitamins you lack on a daily bases.

Growing sprouts is probably the easiest way to get all your needed nutrition and fast! Using OceanSolution while sprouting maximizes the minerals in each sprout, giving you even MORE nutrition your body craves! Your sprouts will be bigger, more flavorful and grow faster!

There are only a few steps to sprouting.

First you have to read up on your seeds to see how long you should soak them and how long they need to germinate before they go bad. We like getting seeds from or and both places give you very detailed descriptions on how long to soak and so forth. Once you have your seeds you’re going to need:

  • Mason Jars
  • Measuring cup
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Rubber Bands
  • Filtered water
  • OceanSolution 203


Once you have all your essential tools you are ready to start sprouting!

Here is a step by step guide on sprouting with OceanSolution!

  1. You should “wash” and drain your seeds and go through them for sticks, dirt and grass.
  2. Fill measuring cup with filtered water and an ounce to a quart of OceanSolution 203.
  3. Fill jars with ½ cup seeds. (we usually do about 4 standard mason jars at a time)
  4. Pour water into jar covering seeds with about an inch of water above them.
  5. Put cheesecloth on top of jar and rubber band tightly.
  6. Let them soak for correct amount of time (usually overnight) in a dark place.
  7. Drain and rinse sprouts.
  8. Move to a countertop, turn upside down for drainage and keep at a room temperature no higher than 75 degrees.
  9. Rinse and Drain sprouts TWICE a day ( morning and evening) with filtered water for the next 4-7 days


Tips for Beginners in Hydroponics


Are you considering getting into hydroponic growing?

Deep Water Culture Grow with OceanSolution Minerals

Here are some tips to help get you started.

1) Start growing in soil first. See if you can create and sustain an herb garden before moving into hydroponics. This will allow you to learn the basics while enjoying a successful growing experience. Jumping straight into hydroponics for the laymen can be discouraging do to the higher level of experience/education needed to be successful.

2) Research different hydroponic growing set-ups. I would encourage the first time grower to start with a “deep water culture” growing environment. These are very easy to set-up and require less oversight. Just google “deep water culture growing” via google and its pretty straight forward.

3) Grow lettuce or herbs first. Don’t try growing tomatoes or cumbers in your first few attempts. These crops grow quicker and require less nutrients, lighting, and babysitting. I know it’s not as sexy but it will still look awesome when everything is growing well.

4) Buy fresh seeds that are not expired. Don’t use seeds that have been sitting around the house or garage. I would also encourage using organic seeds if possible. Research the seed variety requirements for germinating (its more complicated then you might think).

5) Use a growing medium that helps maintain moisture such as coco coir.

6) Research the amount of light needed for what your growing. Generally the more light (lumens) the better. Most people don’t have sufficient light and no matter how perfect everything else is their grow will fail.

7) Temperature and airflow are two frequently understated factors for a successful grow. Plants like certain temperatures for optimal growth. For instance, lettuce likes a cooler temperature in the low 70s F. Airflow is also important because it discourage fungus growth and encourages transpiration so be sure to have a fan lightly blowing across the leaves once they have reached that stage of growth.

8) Go to a local pet store and buy an aquarium air pump and air stone attachment for the water/nutrient basin (very affordable). It will keep the water oxygenated for the root systems. Oxygen is a lot like light in that root systems like a lot of oxygen particles in their nutrient solution.

9) Last but not least, I need to mention nutrients. The retail hydroponic nutrient market is dominated by fertilizer designed for indoor marijuana grows. Therefore, you will see a lot of 2/3 part nutrient programs for different stages of growth and most are not organic. It’s not necessary for you use a multi-part solution especially for greens. Many organic hydroponic growers that I work with use a mixture of fish emulsion, kelp, and OceanSolution minerals to create a natural solution. Keep a close eye on the parts per million of the nutrient solution. Leafy greens don’t like a strong nutrient density in their water especially when they are young. I would strongly encourage all hydroponic growers to use a TDS Meter to measure the total dissolved solids or part per million of the solution so you don’t burn the roots. They are cheap and fun because you can use them to measure things like your drinking water to see how much other stuff is in.

Good Luck. Growing anything is an adventure!

Tom Lonergan

OceanGrown Team Member and Fellow Grower

ps Please don’t hesitate to reach out to members of our team with any growing questions you may have!

Sustainable Landscaping with Dennis de Zeeuw


By Dennis de Zeeuw

Sustainscape, Inc. is a sustainable landscape company in South Florida. We have been using OceanSolution for four years in our landscape maintenance operations. Only specific organic fertilizers allow for proper absorption in different plant species.   OceanSolution provides the necessary elements to develop plant and lawn health.   This is essential for sustainable landscaping, as a healthy plant allows us to stay ahead of problems in the landscape.

Many times, we encounter a new customer with an existing problem.   In June 2014, a customer in Boca Raton called about a problem occurring on a Pigeon Plum (Coccoloba diversifolia) tree in their yard.   A Pigeon Plum is an evergreen, Florida native tree and naturally occurring in many coastal locations. At first glance, it was noticeable all the foliage on the tree had turned brown. It appeared to be suffering from a fungus; however, I was not 100% positive. I applied a foliar spray and root drench of OceanSolution.   At the time, the only thing I felt I could do was give the plant additional minerals. The customer purchased a gallon of OS and I asked them to apply ever 4 weeks.

In early November, the tree recovered.   Most of all the foliage turned green again.   I do not necessarily believe the OceanSolution killed a possible fungus present in the tree however, I do believe the OceanSolution provided strength for the plant to fight off the fungus itself.

The elements provided in OS build plant immunity allowing resistance to certain diseases. It is an essential part of how we provide responsible and sustainable landscaping services.



Sprouts Are The Ultimate Superfood

By Doctor Kelly

Sprouts are superfoods containing up to 30 times more vital nutrients than raw organic vegetables. When you sprout seeds, their proteins and fiber increase, as does their amounts of vitamins and essential fatty acids. Minerals also become more bioavailable.

In general, sprouts help support cell regeneration; provide antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins to help protect against free radical damage and improve immune function; and help alkalinize your body. Sprouts are extremely easy and inexpensive to grow at home. This makes them a nutritional powerhouse anyone can benefit from and enjoy.

For years I have recommended sprouting to all my nutritional patients. After testing the effects of using OceanSolution 2-0-3TM to increase sprout yield and help keep sprouts fresher for longer, sprouting at home is even more cost effective and beneficial.

The result of my Sprouting Experiment can be found on my web site at The following link has photographs of the Sprouting Experiment on The Natural Health Place Facebook Page at