Stress Relief Mineral Max

The OceanGrown Team is extremely excited to announce its involvement with Russ Bellar and his X Factor Whitetails!

After 16 years, Russ Bellar has become the most prominent Whitetail Deer operations owner in North America. He has a 1,500 acre property in north central Indiana and takes special pride in his high-quality whitetail deer. On his property, they specialize in using some of the world’s best deer genetics to breed the very best whitetails.

Recently we have been working closely with Russ to create a special feed infused with OceanSolution Pure called “Stress Relief Mineral Max”. This product fortifies feed for animals during all phases and seasons. It contains all 90 naturally occurring elements, giving your animals important minerals they need and crave but do not normally get. Stress Relief Mineral Max is OMRI listed for organic use and has no fillers or harsh toxins.

Since integrating “Stress Relief Mineral Max” into the Whitetails daily feeding routine, Russ has seen major improvements! If you are interested in learning more about “Stress Relief Mineral Max” please feel free to contact us at (504) 430-9026.


 Fellow Deer Farmer,

My name is Russ Bellar and I have been breeding whitetail deer for 16 years. During that time I have learned to grow some of the largest racked deer in the world including “X-Factor” that broke the world record.

 I’m writing you to share the results I’ve been getting by using a mineral supplement called Stress Relief Mineral-Max. We all understand the importance of minerals but this particular product is the first real advancement in years and has proven to be my “x-factor” supplement in growing exceptionally healthy and big-racked deer. This is the reason I’m confident in endorsing it and helping spread the word in our industry.

A group of scientists with a company called OceanGrown Inc., located in Florida, have developed the first complete mineral supplement that supplies all 90 minerals needed to maximize cervid health. While other products are full of fillers and synthetic ingredients, Stress Relief Mineral-Max is 100% mineral so you get what you pay for.

My results with using this product:

  • Increased calmness; deer will now approach humans in their pens without fear or anxiety.
  • Reduction of weight-loss during antler growth: “X-Factor” lost 10 lbs. this year versus last year’s 100 lbs.
  • Increased antler growth
  • Improved semen quality
  • Increased fertility and multiple births
  • Reduced mortality

         I encourage you to reach out and contact the company founder John Hartman at (504) 430-9026 ( He would be pleased to further explain Stress Relief Mineral-Max and help get you started. You can also contact me directly at (765) 776-1596 for more information.

I wish you all the best,

Russ Bellar


Sustainable Landscaping with Dennis de Zeeuw


By Dennis de Zeeuw

Sustainscape, Inc. is a sustainable landscape company in South Florida. We have been using OceanSolution for four years in our landscape maintenance operations. Only specific organic fertilizers allow for proper absorption in different plant species.   OceanSolution provides the necessary elements to develop plant and lawn health.   This is essential for sustainable landscaping, as a healthy plant allows us to stay ahead of problems in the landscape.

Many times, we encounter a new customer with an existing problem.   In June 2014, a customer in Boca Raton called about a problem occurring on a Pigeon Plum (Coccoloba diversifolia) tree in their yard.   A Pigeon Plum is an evergreen, Florida native tree and naturally occurring in many coastal locations. At first glance, it was noticeable all the foliage on the tree had turned brown. It appeared to be suffering from a fungus; however, I was not 100% positive. I applied a foliar spray and root drench of OceanSolution.   At the time, the only thing I felt I could do was give the plant additional minerals. The customer purchased a gallon of OS and I asked them to apply ever 4 weeks.

In early November, the tree recovered.   Most of all the foliage turned green again.   I do not necessarily believe the OceanSolution killed a possible fungus present in the tree however, I do believe the OceanSolution provided strength for the plant to fight off the fungus itself.

The elements provided in OS build plant immunity allowing resistance to certain diseases. It is an essential part of how we provide responsible and sustainable landscaping services.