Tips for planting your Fall garden!



Summer is ending and Fall is just around the corner! This doesn’t mean gardening is over, just shifting! You can still grow a beautiful, organic, produce packed garden in Fall with these great tips!

  1. Always plant for your specific zone! Don’t waste time and money in your garden not knowing what, when or how to plant in your area! Here is a great zone map to help you plan your fall gardens better! Planting Zone Map
  2. Your summer garden has probably drained most of the nutrients from your soil but don’t worry you can restore them for your Fall garden! Adding rich organic minerals to your soil before planting can speed up growth, increase size as well as add more flavor and nutrition to your produce. We suggest conditioning your soil before planting with our OceanSolution 303 to stimulate crucial microbes and release trapped nutrients! OceanSolution 303
  3. Use organic mulch or lawn clippings to keep plants warm on cooler nights!
  4. Pure, clean water is essential for a successful garden. Even if you are using all organic products your home grown produce can be contaminated by your water! Always use filtered or R.O water when watering your garden to eliminate heavy metals and toxins. Check out our Hose End Filter that removes 90% of chlorine and 98% heavy metals for up to 40,000 gallons! Hose End Filter
  5. Pest an disease management is probably one of the hardest parts of gardening. OceanSolution allows your plant to naturally ward off pest and disease by itself because it is at optimal health! You can also use neem oil for mites, saw dust for caterpillars and plant marigolds to attract wasps that help ward off other invading pests.
  6.  Companion planting! Grow plants together to boost flavor, nutrition, growth and even deter pests! An example of companion planting is growing oregano with pumpkin to provide pest protection or plant garlic near beets to improve growth and flavor!
  7. Enjoy fresh organic produce all year round!  You can dry your herbs and can your vegetables for winter from your Fall garden!

Happy Gardening from OceanGrown, Inc.




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