Getting Started with Sprouting!

By Rachel Daglia


Sprouting has quickly become popular due to their superfood abilities and hassle free growing. The benefits are almost endless with the abundance of varieties available. It is also easy, cheap and only takes a short period of time before you’re munching on your home grown sprouts! OceanSolution is the perfect additive to sprouting.  By soaking them in our OceanSolution 203 product you can add 90 minerals into the sprouts. Before we get into the actual sprouting part, let’s talk about what it actually is and all the benefits that come along with eating them.

Sprouting is the germinating of a seed. Seeds are filled with nutrients, some good and some bad. When soaked in water for the right amount of time, the seed begins to open up and the anti-nutrients diminish, giving you the start of a tiny plant. Instead of all the nutrients going to the roots, they are packed into the tiny sprouts. The nutritional values then increase. They are also easier to digest and your body is able to absorb all the needed nutrients more effectively. Depending on which seeds you have chosen to sprout, the flavor and nutritional benefits will vary.

The most common seeds to sprout are grains, nuts, wheat and beans. They all have less starch meaning higher levels of protein, vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibers. Eating sprouts can help strengthen your immune system, keeps your body rich in oxygen and alkaline, so viruses and cancers cannot live, and gives your body all the essential vitamins you lack on a daily bases.

Growing sprouts is probably the easiest way to get all your needed nutrition and fast! Using OceanSolution while sprouting maximizes the minerals in each sprout, giving you even MORE nutrition your body craves! Your sprouts will be bigger, more flavorful and grow faster!

There are only a few steps to sprouting.

First you have to read up on your seeds to see how long you should soak them and how long they need to germinate before they go bad. We like getting seeds from or and both places give you very detailed descriptions on how long to soak and so forth. Once you have your seeds you’re going to need:

  • Mason Jars
  • Measuring cup
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Rubber Bands
  • Filtered water
  • OceanSolution 203


Once you have all your essential tools you are ready to start sprouting!

Here is a step by step guide on sprouting with OceanSolution!

  1. You should “wash” and drain your seeds and go through them for sticks, dirt and grass.
  2. Fill measuring cup with filtered water and an ounce to a quart of OceanSolution 203.
  3. Fill jars with ½ cup seeds. (we usually do about 4 standard mason jars at a time)
  4. Pour water into jar covering seeds with about an inch of water above them.
  5. Put cheesecloth on top of jar and rubber band tightly.
  6. Let them soak for correct amount of time (usually overnight) in a dark place.
  7. Drain and rinse sprouts.
  8. Move to a countertop, turn upside down for drainage and keep at a room temperature no higher than 75 degrees.
  9. Rinse and Drain sprouts TWICE a day ( morning and evening) with filtered water for the next 4-7 days


Organic Minerals & Good Health

By Tim James

Organic minerals are minerals that have been absorbed through the root system and/or foliage of a plant. They are foundational elements for our bodies like water and air, and without them we grow weak, tired and hungry. In-organic minerals are like teeny- tiny rocks and they can be found in most mineral waters and chemical supplements which create hardening of the arteries along with kidney and gall stones. A good rule of thumb is: Always consume ORGANIC MINERALS that are found in plants if you do not want to be malnourished like over half of the worlds population!

The chronic hunger most people feel on a daily basis starts with mineral deficiencies and then is further complicated by blood sugar swinging up and down from over eating foods that have been chemicalized, processed, and cooked at high temperatures. Organic minerals change chemistry and hormones in the body which blocks hunger and helps us cut back on addictive foods like sugar, salt, and fats. Organic minerals are also alkaline which is very important since most of us are eating and living a very acidic lifestyle.

So far I have found three ways people can make sure minerals are in the foods they are eating:

1. Find farmers who use proper planting practices where they rest the soil from time to time and plant cover crops such as alfalfa to allow the tap roots to go deep into the soil and pull minerals up to the topsoil.

2. Find farmers who use “Rock Dust” to re-mineralize their soils. You can also do this at home in your garden.

3. Find farmers who use OceanSolutions “Ionic Ocean Minerals” on their soils. You can also do this at home in your garden or when growing your own wheatgrass & sprouts.

I encourage you to get back to basics, get back to the fundamentals of a healthy body:

1. Breathe deeply and often and crack your window in your bedroom at night while sleeping.

2. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of pure water daily. Stay hydrated!

3. Consume the freshest foods possible and make sure you know that the food going in your mouth is full of organic minerals.

Practice these three health fundamentals and get ready for some exciting changes in your body and more importantly your relationship with food. Being in control of food rather than food controlling you is a great place to be and minerals will help you get there! Consuming mineral rich, alkaline foods is the only way we can restore and maintain our health and the health of our wonderful planet we call home.